Spirit and Truth

Nathan Rothschild said (1777-1836): “I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire and I control the British money supply.” 

Once again, our government is drawing the American people into an illegitimate war in the middle east, this time with Iran. Astoundingly, they, and by they I mean government and world controllers, are using the same propaganda of “weapons of mass destruction”, this time in the form of Iranian nuke development, that they used to invade Iraq. We know now there were no weapons of mass destruction, a large Iraqi population was decimated by our troops, and most recently Iraq has fallen into sectarian violence as the President issues an arrest warrant for his own Vice President. I remember years ago when we invaded Iraq for the second time the media was marveling, almost even bragging, how the US armed forces were able to take over Iraq in a couple of days. Brash imperialism at its finest.

Where is the outrage and massive protests to stop this future genocide on behalf of YOUR security? Doesn’t anyone see this happening or is everyone too busy watching football?

Well mass Americans do not know the actual motive and agenda of Western Bloc controllers because of what I call the American Propaganda Machine(P-machine). The same corporations having interest in a destabilized Middle East have control of the The Major Corporate Media that the US citizens have available to them .

Why would corporations have interest in a destabilized Middle East? One reason: Because these corporations are run in large part by Jewish personnel in the highest positions. These news stations which include CNN, are censored by higher -ups to promote the corporate agenda of the global elite. Certainly Israel governance benefits from destabilizing Islamic countries.

So the news you see on television is propaganda, much like predicted in the infamously quoted book 1984. Propaganda of the highest mind altering technical level. The technical scope and agenda of this propaganda campaign has filled countless books and research websites. When does theory cease to be, and become straight conspiracy? There is literally a war on for your mind.

To become aware that domestically there is a trillion+ dollar effort to keep me Thee American People in a trance state of lust & consumption, dis-informed to a largely fascist takeover a global domination agenda; People in the highest positions of power higher even than the President will use the hijacked government armies once known as “The Leader of the Free World”, to ironfistedly execute its life destroying agenda all under the guise of my own security; To become aware of this has turned me into the most patriotic American that I have ever been.

Because once I was blind and now I see. Yes and how good it feels to see! Yes I will side with the good and expose; Call out the darkness! I will not be the German doing as I’m told while my own country falls to tyranny and mass murder. I will emulate the fore-fathers who authored the Bill of Rights for these very times. I am patriotic because in this very time I need to be. The deceivers have been exposed and hold tremendous power. It is my duty and responsibility to be very American now.

So I push to anyone that will listen. The corporate media issues propaganda on issues sensitive to the elite global agenda. Look to Alternative Media. See what the rest of the world has to say. Tell your friends. At the very least get informed. The internet was the propaganda machine’s worst nightmare. It truly is an information war and now the info can be reached. The last chance in 4 years for a US executive agenda change is in Ron Paul. He is the only serious antiwar candidate and the P-machine will do everything it can to stop him from winning the primary. Check out John Stewart exposing the P-machine. Or Anderson Cooper doing the same. Click those two links and see the P-machine in action! The truth will set you free.

So the eye of Sauron is on Iran, and destabilizing Syria is a road as well. Here is an article reporting the weapons buildup happening around Syria now. Our government is saying that Iran will have a nuke in 2 years. Iran has just said it has produced its first nuclear fuel rod for domestic energy purposes, which makes sense since the state must operate under the most severe economic sanctions. The government, or Big Brother, used the same ploy to appease us while it invaded Iraq and killed a mere 100,000 souls. No biggie. Only now the Russian Kremlin has voiced serious opposition to a Libyan style NATO campaign on Syria, and, as noted in the linked word article above, they have moved super sonic blockade busting missiles into Syria. Iran says they will back up their closest ally Syria against foreign intervention, and now China has openly told their army to prepare for conflict with the US and that they will back their trading partner Iran against attack.

When you awaken the picture gets grave real fast. But fighting the good fight becomes so fulfilling.

Everything is linked though the information is so substantial I can only do a small part and then it is up to everybody to get informed. At least be on the right side. Don’t be the Germans that did not oppose their country’s genocide. If you are awake then it becomes your duty to help the forces of good. Of life and liberty.

I end my first blog with a 2 facts:

The United States Military spending equals that of the rest of the world.(Al Jazeera)

In 2012 the US has $1.34 trillion dollars to play with. Currently $553 billion has been allocated to the Defense Budget(Empire documentary)

To defend us from what?

Michael Alexander

2 responses to this post.

  1. While I was writing my first blog I read a great essay by a sociologist and researcher that puts together a detailed summary of much of the Middle East maneuvering I have been studying lately. Here is the link,

    Thanks for reading –
    – Michael


  2. I really like your blog. It’s informative, fresh and interesting. I wanted to take a moment, since you are just getting it started to tell you some of the things that tripped me up initially when i started my WordPress blog. Take this criticism with a grain of salt, you may decide it is or isn’t useful. I just want to help make your blogging experience a happy and productive one.

    I like that you say that it will not be a political blog, and then write primarily about politics. I tried to make my blog about me, and my many facets of life, and incorporate things that i believe in and things that i do, people who i come in contact with – and the like. What I’ve found, is that people like to read things that are formatted the right way. If you are going to write about politics – make it a political blog. You can link to another blog where you talk about your other pursuits. Later down the road it will make for a much smoother way of addressing your audience.

    Also – figure out who your audience is. Is it you? Or your friends, like minded individuals, or people whom you wish to persuade. You need to find out who you are writing to, and what your cause is – so that you can more effectively catalogue a long conversation with them over a number of different subjects which all have a backbone, or structure so as to seem to fit nicely together.


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