There goes crazy Ron Paul again!

Look! This will not really be a political blog. If or more likely when, the GOP establishment cheats Ron Paul out of the primary election likely using automated voting fraud, then the last means of legal systemic change in this country might have gone out the window. There will still be political topics countering the P-Machine’s dis-information campaign, but by then the geo-political power struggle will be hard to win by electing or endorsing proper officials. It is largely agreed upon that electing Ron Paul is a last good chance to counter the coming Globalist takeover . However topics focused on awareness of coming agenda and maybe even preparations will have fruit. To be consciously aware of truth will be a key to bearing fruit.

You don’t think the Globalist Hierarchy wants you dumbed down to execute its plan? Watch them admit it in the first video. The 2nd video I love, is a classic in the P-Machines “There goes crazy old Ron Paul again” campaign. Hope you enjoy.

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