Grew up in Orange County California, studied economics at UCSB, then went into marketing. Met a beautiful girl and muse, whom mentioned  a chem-trail cover-up. At this time I was blessed with a God event. I started immersing myself in spiritual literature, researched chemtrails, was funneled back to 911 truth, and led into deeper research of the elite and corporate global agenda, and the conspiracy to hide the truth. I always liked reading the news and watching CNN but never felt like I got the good stuff. I knew it was online somewhere and when I started searching for pertinent, credible, and worthy news, that which I felt was lacking through conventional television and print media, what I found consummately led me onto a new path of activism.

I will be able to print and send out DVD documentaries to those that request them. This will be a pay-it-forward program where you could then pass it along after viewing to help awaken your friends, family, and the general public to the domestic and global control grid.

Peace be with you all,

Michael Alexander


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